Convert mess into method with this shift in mindset

A simple magic toy that entertains and puzzles the mind

Get a Kick-butt Remote Work Office!

10 Desk Necessities for Remote Work

Critical items while working at home

An uninterruptable power supply (UPS)

Useful lessons learned from the process of releasing a tech book

Lesson 1: How to get started

Seek out new datasets to boldly train where no models have trained before

Photo by John Fowler from Unsplash

Why does this matter?

  • Why is transfer learning so important?
  • What is transfer…

Building a Harry Potter dataset for beginners

  • Lions to Gryffindor
  • Snakes to Slytherin
  • Ravens to Ravenclaw
  • Badgers to Hufflepuff

Can you name these common Machine Learning terms?

Creativity I feel is worth sharing: 2020 List


Gant Laborde

Software Consultant, Adjunct Professor, Published Author, Award Winning Speaker, Mentor, Organizer and Immature Nerd :D — Lately full of React Native Tech

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