Get a Kick-butt Remote Work Office!

Your remote office is yours to cultivate. Unfortunately, it takes years of experience to hone in on what makes a real difference. That’s why I wrote this article, these are the remote work office hacks that made a difference for me.

Sure these will work great for a non-remote office, but it’s a powerful list for those of us who have been working remote for a while. You’ll notice a strong theme around comfort and health, you know… the important things.

If you’re looking for 10 things for your desk rather than for your office, check out my other blog…

10 Desk Necessities for Remote Work

I’ve been working remotely for seven years, and during that time I’ve gathered a few key items that make remote work better. When I started this list, it overflowed, so I had to limit it down to “just the stuff that makes sense for your desk.” Lots of these things apply to non-remote work as well, but that’s just a happy coincidence!

Let’s dig into this list, shall we?

Critical items while working at home

An uninterruptable power supply (UPS)

Is a…

Useful lessons learned from the process of releasing a tech book

I’m in a wonderful position to write this blog post. I’m fresh out of writing my second technical book for a publisher. My first book was published in 2014 with Packt, and now my second book is coming out with O'Reilly Media here in 2021. It’s fair to say I have an in-depth perspective on the whole book process, and I’d love to share that wisdom with you because you might need it one day.

Lesson 1: How to get started

You don’t want to hear this, but you’ll probably rewrite your entire first chapter once you’ve finished the book. That might scare you but it…

Seek out new datasets to boldly train where no models have trained before

Photo by John Fowler from Unsplash

In this article, we’ll attempt to train a browser to identify Star Trek insignias from drawings on an HTML canvas. You’ll learn how to utilize best practices and frameworks to hopefully solve this problem.

Why does this matter?

Web developers are surrounded by amazing feats of AI. The big hurdle that keeps most ideas from being born is a lack of data. Popular training sets include thousands upon thousands of images, and who has time for that? That’s why the method explained in this post is your friend. We’ll cover “transfer learning” with the following:

  • Why is transfer learning so important?
  • What is transfer…

Building a Harry Potter dataset for beginners

Idea: The user draws an animal & gets sorted into their Hogwarts house.

TL:DR; The dataset is available here, please upvote it. This whole blog post is the story and example site.

The four Hogwarts houses each have an animal associated with them. So when the user draws an animal, the AI becomes a sorting hat.

  • Lions to Gryffindor
  • Snakes to Slytherin
  • Ravens to Ravenclaw
  • Badgers to Hufflepuff

I don’t need the data to be perfect. Part of the fun of getting sorted in Harry Potter is the occasional surprise. However, it’s boring — if not useless — to deal…

Can you name these common Machine Learning terms?

Machine Learning needs more fun around those crazy vocabulary words. Here are some rebuses (images of words) puzzles I made for my newsletter and wanted to share the fun.

If you’re new to Machine Learning, this is a great way to learn about and memorize these new terms, and if you’re a pro, this should be quite the brain tease. These images represent common machine learning, data science, and AI terms that you should be familiar with.

As with the last time I did a post like this, I will not be including the answers. That’s what the comments…

Creativity I feel is worth sharing: 2020 List

Last year I made it a goal to capture one awesome thing a month. Something that was creative and inspirational that speaks to my inner creative. I had no idea that a pandemic would hit and that I would almost abandon this adventure, but now that the year is over, I realize it was essential that this list lived. I’m happy to share my “creative thing a month” list.

I’ve been busy with 2021 so this is a little delayed, but here’s my awesome findings from 2020.


There’s something fundamentally rewarding about taking the necessary and making it extraordinary. January…

A Nerdtastic adventure through a common holiday prop

Have you ever seen those “Countdown” or “Days ’til Christmas” dice that people use as decoration? I don’t know when they got popular, but I’ve been seeing them more and more. Finally, one landed in my house with a bunch of decorations in November. It’s a cute couple of cubes with numbers on them for counting down the last 25 days until Xmas.

Give yourself the gift of creativity

We folks at Infinite Red are pretty darn good. I’d say we’re one of the best React Native shops, if not the best in the world. But our strength comes from our willingness to grow, experiment, and communicate. Let me give you an example.

I was chatting with the epic michael chan from the React Podcast, and we laughed that we sometimes join meetings and then check our appearance. I’m guilty of fixing my hair quickly as soon as I see myself 😅 . Michael said that he knows someone who has an app that is basically a mirror. So…

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