Open your speech, and make it marvelous

It boils down to this, you give them a gift.

Key Question: “For this particular audience, how can I make them feel happy to hear me speak within 30 seconds?”

The One-liner

“My father always said, ‘If you’re about to speak to a room of people, and you want them to listen, start off with a quote from me’, …thanks Dad!” — Gant Laborde

More people die every year taking selfie pics, than by shark attacks….

One-liner PROS: Easy, powerful, and friendly with other openers.
One-liner CONS: Does not repeat to same audience well. Requires pre-work and practice.

The Short Story

An excellent story teller is like a snake charmer; their focus, rhythm, and body language need to be perfect to keep us in attentive dance. Should they stumble or bore us, they will suffer the bite of our vacating attention.

Short story PROS: Connects your audience and builds an immediate relationship for you and your speech.
Short story CONS: Requires story-telling talent that can take time to develop. Stories don’t fit in short-speaking opportunities, only medium to long.

The Interaction Spike

Interaction spike PROS: Frames the speaker and speech. Great for invigorating any audience you directly address.
Interaction spike CONS: You don’t always have a stage or a live audience to utilize this skill.

About Gant Laborde



Software Consultant, Adjunct Professor, Published Author, Award Winning Speaker, Mentor, Organizer and Immature Nerd :D — Lately full of React Native Tech

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